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        1. Supporting you through NDIS

          At No Limits, we know anything is possible. We are passionate about helping you to connect to supports that are aligned with your goals and how you want to achieve them.

          Your Goals

          Informal Supports - Community Support - NDIS Funded Support - Mainstream Supports

          Our Supports Coordinator can help you make your goals a reality through:

          • Connecting you to work, study and/or other communities based on your personal goals
          • Providing options for services that meet your needs while empowering you to make your own decisions
          • Supporting you to get the most from your plan
          • Ensuring service providers meet their obligations
          • Monitor the progress and outcomes of achieving your goals
          • Being available

          Our Mission

          We are an established service provider across Queensland, with significant experience and understanding of the Disability, Child Protection and Justice Sectors.

          We will focus on 8 goals

          • Choice and Control

            Making my own decisions, managing my own supports, improved life choices, coordination of supports

          • Lifelong Learning

            Post school options, further education, improved learning

          • Daily Living

            Living and working as independently as possible in my community. Transport, consumables, assistive technology, improved daily living skills

          • Relationships

            Social skills development, engaging with others, improved personal and family relationships

          • Health and Wellbeing

            Improved fitness, meal preparation and healthy cooking, weight management, allied health (physio, psych, OT)

          • Work

            Finding and keeping a job, building employability skills

          • Social and Community Participation

            Assistance with social and community participation, access to clubs, groups, events etc

          • Home

            Home modifications, living safely; improved living arrangements

          How do I start Support Coordination & Plan Management?

          Read More

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